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West Protguard Transport

In this sense it is endorsed and licensed by Ministry of the Interior - General Inspectorate of Police - Public Order Police Department - to perform security services, protection and transport values with license no. 0232/P/2005. The company operates under the Law 333 /2003 on guard, protecting property values and people, Law 31/1990 and other legal provisions regulating the relevant activities.

For this purpose will be promoted the following basic principles:

  • Services the customer demands;
  • Explicit and implicit satisfaction of guests,
  • Employee involvement in quality improvement,
  • Security service without events.

It aims, thus increasing customer satisfaction through effective application of quality management system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and ensuring compliance with customer requirements and with the regulations.
The strategic objective of the company quality policy is that, on an accruals necessary experience, quality work and services are continuously improved by using quality management system which provides control of nonconformities methods to track and prevent their removal.

West Protguard Transportation Group assures customers that the policy of continuous quality improvement works and its services is maintained. To this end the quality of staff assigned to periodically review activity to ensure continuing suitability and efficiency.

To achieve its goals of quality, the company maintains a Quality Management System according to SR EN ISO 9001:2001 requirements.

West Protguard

Headquarters: Arad, str. Barabas Bela, nr 29
District.: Arad
Tel: 0257 28 77 92
Tel /Fax: 0257 28 77 92
Email: arad@westprotguard.ro
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Certified ISO 9001:2008

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