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West Protguard Sistem

SC WEST PROTGUARD SISTEM SRL Arad, has as main activity " electrical installation works " CAEN code 4531, but the company also carries out activities to design applications like: burglar alarm systems under CAEN code 7420 and handling of alarm against burglary under CAEN code 4534 in accordance with Law no. 333/2003 - on guard, goods, values and protection of persons, Art. 34 and H.G. nr.1010/2004, annex. 2, Art. 2, is licensed by General Police Inspectorate of Romania - BUCHAREST Public Order Police Department under LICENSE NO. 0130/T/24.02.2005 to function as an company specializing in systems against intrusion , that develop activities of design, installation and maintenance of burglar alarm systems and their components.

WEST PROTGUARD SYSTEM Arad, has been approved by the General Police Inspectorate of Romania - BUCHAREST Public Order Police Department Organization and Functioning of Regulation Monitoring station and reception to burglary alarms, so when using a modern dispatch monitoring electronic security systems burglar and fire prevention, having GPRS communication, telephone and Internet, and in case of burglary, hold-ups, technical failures, etc.., ensure rapid intervention with armed guard agents, professionally qualified, by car. By monitoring an alarm system to ensure transmission to monitoring center at least five types of signals (burglary, hold-ups, arm / disarm, power network failure, technical failure, etc.) and query the status of equipment connected to some intervals (within 24 hours), depending on goal category. Equipment using a card Patrol dispatcher will make electronic confirmation of arrival time of agents to target for intervention exact time recorded event.

Hoping that our offer meets your demands, please contact us to clarify all the details that your looking at the seat of the Municipality of Arad, str Bela Barabas, No. 29, ap 3, District. Arad, or Tel. / Fax.: 0257/281.031 Tel.: 0257/280.200 and Tel. Mobile 0749278530 or 0722226334.

West Protguard

Headquarters: Arad, str. Barabas Bela, nr 29
District.: Arad
Tel: 0257 28 77 92
Tel /Fax: 0257 28 77 92
Email: arad@westprotguard.ro
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