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Security and Protection Services

West Protguard Transportation is licensed GIRP - Public Order Police Department 02/24/2005 Bucharest to perform security services of the goals, goods, valuables and protecting people.

security and protection services:

We offer a complete range of specialized services safely and professionally in the following areas:
  • Guard personnel for human objectives:
    • Commercial
    • Banking
    • Industrial
    • Residences and private property;
  • Ensuring public order during the demonstrations:
    • Sport
    • Cultural
    • Or otherwise, by law,
  • Intervention services target while the crew fixed mobile
  • Keeping valuables in boxes in the stock room;
  • Services for job skill "Agent security and order"
  • Specialized consulting services for security,

transport services values:

  • Collection, storage and transmission of values in conditions of maximum security
  • Guard and escort shipments of values or people,
  • Specialty consulting services value transport;

body guard services:

  • Service bodyguards and VIP protection,
  • Specialized consultancy services body guard,

West Protguard

Headquarters: Arad, str. Barabas Bela, nr 29
District.: Arad
Tel: 0257 28 77 92
Tel /Fax: 0257 28 77 92
Email: arad@westprotguard.ro
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Patronatul societatilor de securitate

Certified ISO 9001:2008

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